Law Test Re-Test
Please read the special instructions below before proceeding to make sure that you are eligible to make this appointment. Please print this information for your records.
Special Instructions

The MVA strongly encourages all applicants for a Maryland learner's permit to study the Maryland Driver's Manual before attempting to take the knowledge test to ensure success.  There is also a sample knowledge test available online, as well as the 'Maryland Practice Driving Test' in the iTunes and Android App Store to download free.  Follow the MVA on Facebook and Twitter where you can get hints and tips.  The MVA encourages all non-commercial driver's license applicants to use these resources to have a much better chance of passing the test.

  • All commercial driver license (CDL) knowledge tests as well as the Class A & B non-commercial knowledge tests are only given in English.
  • Foreign language interpreters may not assist with any CDL or non-commercial Class A or B knowledge or skills test.
  • No CDL knowledge tests will be given after 3pm Monday-Friday and 10am on Saturdays.
  • Applicants can retake the test the next business day after failing for the first time.
  • Applicants must wait (7) calendar days after failing the test two or more times for ANY non-commercial or commercial knowledge test.

What is involved in taking the knowledge test for a non-commercial driver's license?

The specific knowledge test that you must take depends upon which class of license (A, B, C, or M) or Moped Permit you are applying.

  • A typical test for a non-commercial Class C, the Moped Permit, and the Class M consist of 25 questions.
  • A typical test for the non-commercial Class A and Class B consist of 20 questions.
  • It may be timed and a score of 85% or better is required to pass.
  • Tests are usually administered on a computer and are available in English as well as Spanish for most tests.  Computer assisted audio tests are also available.  Note:  Oral tests require a special appointment.  Please contact the branch directly to schedule.
  • The use of foreign language and sign language interpreters is permitted.  Click here for additional information.

What is involved in taking the knowledge test for a commercial driver's license?

The test version you receive will depend upon the class of license (A, B, or C) you request.

  • Tests are administered on a computer.
  • Computer and written tests are in English ONLY.
  • Computer assisted audio tests are also available.
  • Oral tests require an appointment and are only given in English by an MVA agent.

All applicants must pass the CDL General Knowledge Test first.  Applicants:

  • For Class A licenses must also pass CDL Combination Vehicle Test.
  • Wishing to drive vehicles with air brakes must pass the CDL Air Brakes Test.
  • Wishing to drive vehicles requiring placarding must pass the Hazmat Test.
  • Wishing to drive school buses, passenger vehicles, tankers or double/triples must pass the applicable test.

If an applicant has a valid CDL learner's permit:

  • And they upgrade the class of their permit (C to B); OR
  • They take additional knowledge tests to upgrade their permit; OR
  • Change from Class C or B to Class A; OR
  • Adding endorsements such as Tanker, Passenger and/or School Bus endorsement (s); OR
  • Wish to remove the 'L' No Air Brake Vehicles restriction.

Note: The applicant must wait a minimum of fourteen (14) days from the date the corrected permit is issued before they are eligible to take a skills test in the upgraded permit if they choose to test in the newly added class test vehicle or endorsement.